Its 10 30 pm in the night. Zac is moving around with a couple of plastic bags in his hand, restlessly searching for something. The look on his face suggests he is completely frastrated with something, more likely to look like a painfull event. He has been complaining a lot of headache issues recently. The situation clearly justifying zac is struggling to find a painkiller. Finnaly he pulls his head out of a drawer deep inside the cupboard. Comes out a face with relif and happiness. Completely dejected free, zac grabs a bottle of water, grabs his pill and feels relived. Lies down on bed, switches on the cooler, which is against his body tempreture, but zac is enjoying the cool air. After few mins he shuts down. It was dark, completely dark, and it felt like suddenly some senses have started to work. There was a bright light flashing hard. Zooming more towards him and the brightness had started to hurt vision. It then took me to a place, a world indeed. There was a different urge in me to enter that world. It was something which looked something delicious, wonderful looking thing packed in the most tempting way. There was nothing that could stop me entering this world.

Vision related glands have been completely stretched. The place was much more clear now.It was a bright evening. Around hast past five, 2 young kids walk out of the evening school. Janna takes the lead to walk out. In follows zac, slowly moving towards the exit. Zac sets his shoulder bag and moves out of the exit where he comes across bright sunrays. It was a fresh eve, and the buildings yet to grow up. It was geographically a city, but some kind of attachment gave him the king feeling . Zac, moving himself to comfort zone away from the sun, comes across Janna. On further talking, he came to know that she has been waiting for someone of her own to receive her. Smartly, but innocently he made himself comfortable next to Janna, without much concern about her opinion. Janna pays attention towards the guy, who was about to leave, but still decided to stay back. Cool winds were getting more furious, breaking through the little dunes across the road side. With such furious winds, there stood by 2 little kids, in the bright eve, who never knew anything about the world, and had never even made efforts to know the world. The conversation was about to begin. But. In came someone, for whom Janna had been actually waiting for. Walked in Janna’s mom. Janna started walking towards her mom and so as jack left, towards the other side of the building. Zac was thinking about those few moments which he just spent standing beside Janna. He felt strange. Something different had happened, which normally dosent happen with him. He qucikly unlocked his little bike and over energetically started peddling to towards the direction in which janna and her mom went fading. Zac was a young kid, it wasent much difficult for him to catch the duo. He saw Janna from a distance.

The fade little figure of jana was enough for zac to feel the winds in a slightly different way. Yes, it really was something different. Zac closes by them, and still having the urge to speak to janna. He wanted a reason, just a reason. As he approaches closer, he gets a little worried with the presence of her mom. He keeps peddling and decides to keep away. Zac overtakes the duo and turns right, and goes away from the sight of janna and her mom. Zac seemed to ignore the thought wheather janna was expecting a stop or not. Late in the evening, zac lying down on his bed. Shamelessly proving that he is one of the world’s laziest character. He witnessed a fade light flash disturbing the calmess of the dark room. Zac forcefully rises and starts to search for his phone. A new text message from janna, displayed the phone. The message said janna’s mom is pretty found of the little rider. It seemed like the day had been made for janna to keep surprising zac. It coundt get better for zac by ending the day with a dinner with his buddies. Zac grabs his headphones, walks out of his room. He sets the headphones, grabs a pair of footwear and walks out happily. Walking in the corridor, moving towards the elevator, there was a different look on his face. The happiness was more of a blush and less of smile. Zac was liking every bit of the unexpected package. Everyone has some memories which they always prefer to keep them till the last breath and this is what zac recollects when he thinks about his first ever meet with janna.


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