Responsibility or An Obligation?

4.30 am, Dark clouds, sun yet to rise, the surroundings completely filled with silence. The little birds were having the best time and with very little disturbance, their chirping sounded melodious. The silence is broken by the noise of a door shut and walks out Zac.

                    Zac is a teenager, living a typical bachelor life. An irregular college going student, with high hopes, leaves his apartment to go to his institution. Cold brezze just pushed him a couple of inches behind the moment he stepped out of the building. The lower jaw trying to mess with the upper one, shivering in the cold wheather, zac finds himself at the nearest tea stall. After few minutes, zac was sipping hot tea and puffing away a smoke. The street lights were still on, heavy vehicles passing by on the highways. After the so called “breakfast” zac jumps into the local bus to proceed with his long journey to the institution.

                      The bus journey seemed pretty peacefull. Headphones on, the cold brezze seemed even more colder from the bus window. In a while,  zac dashed into one of his classmate Sara. Sara, a very talented and deginified Character decided to accompany zac with the remaining journey. Zac and sara have seen each other many times,  but never spoke that often,  infact the need neverarouse. Zac started the conversation by the morning greetings, well accepted by the female.

                The bus started moving ahead, and so did the conversation. Zac approached sara with few questions asking her to share something about herself. This was on the way since both knew very little about each other. After a while, zac came to know that sara’s life is something very different from the life of a teenage girl in the current era. An unfortunate incident took away the presence of her mother. Left behind with a lot to fight and achieve,  sara lives with her elder brother, who is persuading education at master’s level, and her dad, who is retiered now and spends his entire day in the premises.

                   Sara being the only female, she had to fullfill the role of a daughter, sister, mother and wife. Sara fulfills her duties, by making ready the early eatables for the family,  before sets off to achive some personal qualification. When there are girl’s who are busy with their make up kits, sara has other things to worry about. After she returns, sara cooks lunch for the family. She spends her evenings with house hold works and with the time passing by, she has made sure she fits into the right shoes which were left behind for her. There are people, of the same age, sex group,  who have a much more relaxed life than sara. When the others are busy promoting themselves at various social networking websites, sara is bounded with somethings which will keep her occupied till a very long time. She was courageous enough to face such situations,  and more importantly bold enough to share her problems with a wide smile on her face, which nower makes me feels she is struggling.

               The bus Finnaly stopped. Sara took the lead since her friends were waiting. Zac came out of the bus with a very different look. He semmed to be stun by what he just heard. He coundt believe that he would ever come across such a person. The wind had started to cut down knots. The sun had decided to rise up and
Zac stayed stun at the corner of road. Puffing another cigarette, zac was still finding it hard to believe of what he just heard. He just Realized how it feels to be empty in cold. After a while, the cigarette ended, he crushed it using his boots and made his way to reach his original destination. Zac reached his classroom, and found sara sitting on the 1st bench. His entry even earned him an eye contact with sara, in which sara just smiled at him, reminding him they just spoke a while ago, greeted back with a smile from zac, a smile which was totally different from what sara expressed, a smile which payed some respect to the girl sitting on the first bench.


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