How long will this be remembered?

It was a bright day, pretty much the kind of winter morning, lazy sun, faint sunshine, bright clouds and clear blue sky. The wind blowing making you feel as fresh as ever. Early morning, 6am, people walking with minor cold protections to their respective work places. One of them was a teenage boy, going to the college.
After a while, he boards into the train.

                              Its a Monday morning,  hardcore rush, jam-pack trains stuffed with people inside. A restless push and a bunch of people added more to the train. The college boy gets into the train and fits himself at the corner. The trains, being overcrowded and human face was the only possible part which could be moved.

                                   As this boy settles down, he witnesses a young man. Probably 21 years of age, squarish face and fair texture. He was wearing a dark grey suit with light purple shirt inside. Hairs all set, a file in hand. Sweat pouring down the forehead, the gesture and dress code clearly conveyed that the man was heading towards a job interview and was more nervous than he should be. A couple of stations passed by and in comes the vital character of the story. The man who just came into the train along with the flow of other restless bodies, was wearing a yellowish white lungi, an old faded black shirt of which top 4 buttons were open. An manly innerwear clearly visible at the top, this man clearly seemed to be completely from a different planet standing in between bunch of formally dressed people, completely stuck up in the crowd.

                   Everyone around contributed with the weird and awefull smile. This man, stonned to ground in the rush, didn’t seem to care much. He looked like a very carefree person with messed up hair heading towards some destination with a bleak idea of achieving something which would just help him survive till the next sunrise.

                     The train starts moving. The 2 men, one with the suit and the other with lungi, comes across each other and are awaiting for their respective stations. The train speeds up, people inside swaying from one side to other. Some people are residing their morning prayers, some busy with the smartphones, and a handfull dozed off on other’s shoulder. Suddenly the man with the lungi has the urgent need to Sneeze.  A minimum of 10 people’s attention turns towards him.

                    Train still in motion, the old man in such a state that he is all set to leave a dozen infected molecules into the air. Before anybody could react, this man, helplessly sneezed right into the face of the other person, whose mind was completely occupied by the interview and had no idea this was comming his way.

                     I saw the young man close his eyes, pulled his face away as much as the crowd allowed. He could do nothing about what has just happend to him. The old man, seemed a lil less educated but kind at heart. Din knew how to apologise but just made a face which clearly told everyone around,  that he had no control over what just happened and was extremely sorry. A few mins of silence, no words exchanged. The man with the suit completely devastated. His thohghts were stuck on the red signal. He was totaly smashed by what just happened. The young boy,  being educated and using his tempremant Realised that what just happened was not a scenario of purposefull act. He maintained silent and removed a napkin to wipe off the elements. The other man, kept his face away, and avoided eye contact.

               An incident which a human mind would surely take a hell long time to forget. He must have even thought about it, waiting for his turn for the interview. And hopefully just a giggle would have been the outcome.


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